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Lindsey Suite 16th January 2019 9:00 am - 9:30 am

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Rachel Linstead

Rachel Linstead, Managing Director at Firecracker

Rachel has been helping individuals and businesses for over 12 years to help them achieve their goals through improving health, wellbeing and positivity in the workplace. As a nutritionist and business coach Rachel applies all her knowledge & insights to create healthier, happier and positive workplaces. Her live it, breathe attitude is infectious and helps organisations to achieve success.  Having recently completed a master at University of Nottingham in Workplace Health and Wellbeing she is hoping to share what’s she has learnt with the businesses of Lincolnshire.

About This Session

Healthy staff are essential to the day to day running of your business. Good health increases workplace productivity which in turn helps your business to grow and succeed. The same can be said for a positive workplace, making small adjustments to your space and what you have available to your staff can help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. In 2016/17, ill health cost companies £9.7 billion, with stress, depression and anxiety making up a huge 49% of days lost from staff illness.

Firecracker has a proven formula which focuses on wellbeing, leadership and culture, targeting the most common issues that cause ill health.Rachel from Firecracker will demystify workplace health and wellbeing and give you simple to implement ideas to take back to the workplace.



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All seminars and workshops are located in the conference rooms upstairs at the expo. Space is very limited so you will need to pre-register in advance using the form above.