Workshop: 7 Hacks For Social Media Advertising & How To Master Them

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Kesteven Suite 16th January 2019 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Tom Jacobs

Tom Jacobs, Head of Advertising at Distract

Tom heads up the advertising department at Distract, one of the regions fastest growing specialist Advertising Agencies, working on award-winning social media and search advertising campaigns. Often invited to deliver updates on digital marketing developments, Tom leads the team behind the ads in your social and search feeds, growing brands and driving revenue for clients.

About This Session

Social Media advertising is ever changing. Yesterday’s must-do is today’s must-do-not. The challenge to keep up is real. In this interactive workshop, Tom explains his go-to hacks of social media advertising, which have made successes of numerous campaigns, and talks you through how to deploy them in your own ads. In this rare opportunity, get a glimpse of the techniques used by the social advertising pros.




How to register?

All seminars and workshops are located in the conference rooms upstairs at the expo. Space is very limited so you will need to pre-register in advance using the form above.