Data Centre

coolDC is a Data Centre design, build and operator company which has an ethical commitment to utilizing more sustainable forms of energy, aiming to build carbon neutral data centres. With the support of an impressive team of partners and suppliers, the Company designs and builds Data Centres for the future which respond to some of the most pressing concerns of our age – climate change, data security and connectivity. It provides bespoke business solutions, and aims to address the needs of as wide a range of communities and businesses as possible. coolDC’s debut site - at Lincoln Science & Innovation Park - is a demonstration site and discovery centre. It features key innovations in cooling technology, has a fully immersed, hyper-converged Cloud platform provided by PeaSoup Hosting Ltd, and is protected by GBMS Tech Ltd’s paradigm-shifting cyber-security product - Trident CMP™ - which is underwritten by the Lloyds Syndicate.
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